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If you are looking for the best tattoo studio in Hyderabad, congratulations! Your search has just ended. 7 Hills Tattooz is a complete artisitic and safe experience for all your body ink and piercing needs. We are here to provide you with the best services you will find in the entire country, not just Hyderabad

We started our work 10 years ago and we have seen the tattoo industry flourish in the city in Hyderabad like never before. We have been blessed with clients that have been satisfied and we are proud to provide the best services for them. We value our clients’ feedback and have worked hard to achieve this level of customer satisfaction. Our customers over the years have stayed in touch and have also availed other services from us which makes us very proud.

We help you get the idea of what kind of a tattoo you might like to get. Our artists then sketch the art and make it a reality and show you beforehand what they’re going to stencil on your body and then comes the final execution part which is done with utmost care keeping in mind the sensitivity of the skin and other sanitary conditions which are of the greatest importance for us.

We have taken special care with our female clients and we make sure that they’re comfortable and at home with the entire experience so that it can be special for them.

We also specialize in body piercing and have been doing so for the past 10 years. We understand the body and how we can mold it. We provide instructions and give advice on how to take care of the healing process. We ensure that first class service is provided to our customers at the best tattoo studio in Hyderabad.

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